Directions of activity

  • main gas pipelines with compressor stations and measurement facilities;
  • gasification objects;
  • energy-saving technologies;
  • carrying out approvals and obtaining permits;
  • technical and economic studies;
  • engineering topographical, geological and environmental survey for construction;
  • communications, electricity, water, sanitation and other communications;
  • corrosion inspection of pipelines, electrochemical means;
  • general construction engineering projects for various industries;
  • feasibility studies and investment projects in the oil and gas sector;
  • gas pipelines choice of routes, sites for future facilities and necessary approvals;
  • calculations, permits and projects on the environmental impact assessment;
  • equipment completing, procurement and supply from Ukraine and other countries;
  • search for the contractor companies for construction and technical supervision of construction, documentation execution "as built";
  • tender documentation;
  • oil and gas industry objects certification.

In order to realize and launch new projects and activities we are ready to provide services in organizing trips, exhibitions, negotiations, conferences, presentations, contracts accompaniment, acquaintance with  the regulatory basis of the CIS countries, participation in tenders in Ukraine and in other countries, promotion of the new equipment and technologies to the CIS markets (attracting translators, engineers and managers for the abovementioned activities).   

Objects designing geography:

  • Ukraine;
  • Russia;
  • Moldova;
  • Turkmenistan;
  • Syria;
  • Belarus;
  • Hungary.


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